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Goal Setting, Success and Budget

First, we'll jump on a video call with you to truly get to know and understand your business. The challenges you face and what success would look like to you.

Research and Digital Marketing Strategy

Second, we'll analyse your current position in your online space, research where the low hanging fruit is and provide an achievable strategy to reach your goals within your budget and resources.

Massive Action and Regular Reporting

Third, after you agree that you like the look of what we can accomplish, the agreed-upon targets and measurements of success are set. We'll get to work mixing vision with action to create results.

Xune Solutions



  • Complete Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Organic and Paid For Keyword Research
  • Brand Tone of Voice Suggestions
  • Ideal Customer Persona Creation
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Full Website Audit
  • Implemented SEO Best Practices
Success Roadmap


  • Full Technical Support
  • Website Content
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Support
  • Google Ads Campaigns
  • Social Media Ads Campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Downloadable Content Offer
  • Supporting articles
  • SEO Best Practices
Automate your digital marketing


  • 10X massive action towards your success
  • Time is dedicated to work under your direction
  • We'll autonomously find additional opportunities for growth
  • A/B testing all digital marketing content
  • Website conversion rate optimisation
  • Internal system and processes automation
  • Unlimited Business Support
Your Vision + Our Action = Success

People First Design

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. We work on fully understanding what value you bring to the market and seek to match that with people who display an affinity to your brand message.

Powered by Data

Your website and social analytics are always checked to see the highs and lows of how people currently interact with your brand online. This informs how we turn your future visitors into customers.

Business Automation

We've created our very own passive income generating eCommerce website, and we're extremely accomplished at automating tasks. Free up more time in your day by cutting down repetitive tasks.

eCommerce Experts

Whether you're an offline brand who wants to add a continual and passive additional income stream or have set out from the beginning as online only. Our eCommerce expertise will propel you forward.

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A Line Called K
Director of Sales - A Line Called K

Xune was my first and only choice once I read their proposal. They were more thorough and personal than anyone else, by far. I could tell they had studied my business projections in detail, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Their proposal wasn’t just “quoting the party line” they were speaking directly and specifically to me. I dealt with Misha Cunningham who was hitting every point I made, answering every question I brought up. After Googling him, going over his recent work and basically offending his integrity by going overboard with my interview questions I knew my gut instincts were right. He was the one.

The insights are always readable-even for a novice like me and if I get confused, he quickly explains.

I’m sure there are many talented professionals out there but if you are looking for a team to meet goals similar to mine-increase conversions and overall sales then good luck if you choose someone else because you’ll be taking a gamble.

Working with Xune ISN’T a gamble. It’s a guarantee!



ProGlass 4 - The Splashback Experts
Sam Robinson
Managing Director - ProGlass4
Xune team are great, very informative and took care of everything so I can focus on what I do best. Would recommend.

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