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Misha Cunningham

Misha Cunningham

"A vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is wasting time. A vision with action can change the world"



I created this company to enable myself time-freedom from a simple 9 to 5 office job. I always felt that they stifled my creativity and never allowed me to truly express myself in order for me to lead my best life.

I personally specialise in using elements learned from my experience in sales and e-commerce to create reliable recurring income for myself and clients of Xune. I believe that I can live the life I want to lead if I can help as many other business owners achieve success in their businesses.

At the risk of making myself blush, since deciding 7 years ago to make a significant, meaningful and lasting change to my life, my career and business development path has been on a steady upwards trajectory. I firmly believe that a strong vision of the future coupled with consistent and persistent action will achieve any goal.


Google Digital Garage

In April 2017 I was lucky enough to land a job working on a Google UK project called Google Digital Garage. This was a EMEA wide growth engine to teach digital skills to business owners, job seekers and those who felt the world of digital had passed them by.

Coming on board as a digital trainer I approached my role with the same desire to help and tenacity to succeed as I do all my projects and received three promotions within the space of 18 months to eventually hold the role of Regional Team Leader, a role created purely for me to occupy.

During this time I personally helped over 1,500 business owners optimise their business and launched and managed 5 locations, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Sunderland.

In June 2019, I chose to leave the Google Digital Garage project to focus on my growing client list with Xune, however, the project is one which is still close to my heart.


Personal Values

I have a strong set of personal values which first got refined improving my life, then improved upon further building my first businesses. Finally, I apply these core values into each and every client project which I take on.

  • Integrity - You can't have a little bit of integrity, picking it up and putting it down when you want.
  • Ambition - If the mind can conceive it, then the body can achieve it.
  • Faith - Infusing any goal with the state of mind called faith provides one with armour to withstand any setbacks and a weapon to move any obstacles in your path.
  • Leadership - A boss tells their followers "charge!", whereas a leader's battle-cry is "follow me!"
  • Agile Approach - Life has a funny habit of throwing many obstacles in the path, and an agile methodology allows one to correct the course to avoid these while keeping the momentum moving forward.
  • Automate then Iterate - The brain is a fantastic tool which is capable of great things, however, we live in a day and age where there exists strong tools for automation to allow our brain power to be leveraged at scale.

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