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We operate with a two-person director team who throw their whole being into delivering agreed-upon results to our clients. We are lucky enough to also have a strong backbone of digital marketing professionals who lend their expertise to make Xune what it is today.

Misha Cunningham

I created this company to enable myself time-freedom from a simple 9 to 5 office job. I always felt that they stifled my creativity and never allowed me to truly express myself in...

Anna Kearney

I am passionate about people connecting with brands they trust and love. With a fierce desire to see others succeed and upgrade their lives, which came through starting my own...

Xune Meet the team

Team work makes the dream work

We're a close knit team, and we work hard to ensure we fully comprehend the goals and challenges our clients face. We then work together with our clients to devise the perfect growth strategy. We're unanimous in our belief that all this starts first with a conversation.
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