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Nine West at Shumaker

Offline sales in physical locations were flying, Shumaker needed to translate that into online sales

Head into a major shopping centre in Toronto, and chances are you'll come across a Shumaker store. Their relentless passion for finding the best quality footwear uniquely tailored towards a Canadian audience, is matched only by their desire to supply that same footwear at the best prices around.

However, when we popped the hood of their website it told a very different story. The proudly Canadian, family-run business built their success on a second to none in-person concierge service, and this wasn't translating online.




How Shumaker utilises Xune

Xune Solutions fulfil the role of Shumaker's internal marketing department. After recognising the need of investing to scale up their entire marketing division to allow the website to play catch up, the only real choices were to go in-house or use an external agency. Using Xune actually allows Shumaker to keep overheads lower compared to hiring the equivalent resources internally.

A barrier to Shumaker HQ attempting to take their marketing online in the past was competency. They were masters in the world of buying and selling shoes. But knew their limitations when it came to online. Regular information 'brain dumps' allow Shumaker to pass on a wealth of knowledge which Xune then "digitises" and scales throughout their marketing.


Old Shumaker Website

New Shumaker Website

Shumaker Homepage before


Up to date Shumaker Website




How we tackled the job of modernising Shumaker

Shumaker were operating what basically amounted to a publically accessible stock-checking site. Customers who were heading in to buy anyway would quickly check online before making the trip. And while there is value in that, Shumaker is big enough, stocks some of the biggest brands and prices aggressively enough that they deserve to be a major player in the online space as well as the physical high street.

  • New and improved website which mirrored the Bordo and Rose Gold accents present in their stores
  • Increased online sign-ups to their Goldleaf member loyalty scheme from 0.21% to 3.83% view to submission rate
  • Review generation, new customer welcome and immediate upsell/cross-sell via automated email flows
  • Created mini-campaigns around some of their most loved brands
  • Implemented a digital store within a store to support their offline collaboration with iconic brand Nine West
  • 50% increased conversion rate, and a 116% increase in sales attributed to marketing

That's a Step in the Right Direction

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