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"Grit is about having what some researchers call an "ultimate concern" a goal you care about so much that it organises and gives meaning to almost everything you do." - Angela Duckworth



It is with grit that I started my own company in 2015 and began a voyage of discovery to bring great products to people and companies looking for great fit solutions.

I never let a day go by without learning something new, testing something already learnt and putting my knowledge into practice. I believe great businesses are on a constant growth curve of iteration and improvement and I expect nothing less of myself to match.


Google Digital Garage

In September 2017 I was invited to join the Google Digital Garage project, an EMEA wide growth engine to facilitate digital confidence, business growth and lifelong digital learning to anyone eager to see how digital could improve their lives, careers and businesses. 

I excelled as a digital trainer, being known for my ability to take complex business and marketing concepts and make them understandable and actionable. Trusted to deliver on partnerships with BT Sport, Media Trust, Prince's Trust, NHS and DWP. 

Within 3 months I was appointed to coordinate outreach and partnerships, onboarding over 50 organisations in 18 months across Sheffield, Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver training to staff and service users.

As the partnership lead across Edinburgh & Glasgow, I enabled an additional 3000+ people to be trained, many of whom built successful businesses or grew their current ones. I also ran the business startup 5-week course and thrived when helping new fledgeling businesses take flight with a solid foundation. 

At just shy of 2 years on the project I was becoming too busy with Xune Solutions clients to give it the dedication it deserved and took the decision to move full time looking after and growing with my own clients. 

Personal Values

At Xune we believe a business should enable a great life, and that means living and breathing our values into everything we do and accomplish. Here are some of mine:

  • Integrity - Values don't mean much without the integrity to stick by them. We bring integrity to everything we do in life and business.
  • Entrepreneurship - Being creative with ideas, testing theories and taking risks is what allows businesses to deliver and delight customers.  
  • Discovery - Nothing stays the same, what stagnates becomes irrelevant. Constant learning, optimising and continual curiosity is at the heart of everything.
  • Nurturing - Giving, offering and delivering more value nurtures good businesses into great ones. What is nurtured, grows.
  • Self-Love - looking after the mind, body & soul. Valuing my own expertise and delivering results with confidence.

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